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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most common questions. Can't find an answer? Contact us!


  • Which version of the QuickBooks is Supported in our app

    Our app supports all versions of QuickBooks Online except QuickBooks Self Employed. We have a separate app for QuickBooks Desktop. Please search for the QuickBooks Desktop app on the Shopify Apps page.

  • Does your app syncs Shipping expenses?

    Our app only syncs shipping as revenue because Shopify only provides that data as a part of order sales data. Shopify does not provide any data related to software expenses and outbound shipping expenses, so our app can not sync those data to QuickBooks Online.

  • Can I use QuickBooks Bridge for multiple Shopify stores?

    Yes, our app supports multi-stores very well and it can connect to a single QuickBooks Online and works very well. Our app allows you to install our app on many stores and connect to a single QuickBooks account. Our app's subscription and billing plans are managed by Shopify. Shopify requires each store to install the app separately and subscribe to our app separately. So you will need to have our app installed on all the stores from where you would like to sync the data to QuickBooks.


  • Does your app sync preorders(Pending) or draft orders from our Shopify?

    Our app does not support draft orders due to reasons. When draft orders are confirmed in Shopify it creates an order with a new number and hence duplicate entries get created in QuickBooks and creates confusion among the customers with various reports, reconciliation matching, etc.

  • Does your app support multi-store and Multi-currency?

    Yes, our app supports multi-stores and multi-currencies very well and it can connect to a single QuickBooks Online and works very well. Our app allows you to install our app on many stores and connect to a single QuickBooks Online.

  • How do I change/disable Prefix?

    We do not allow our customers to change the setting after at least one order is synced to avoid any accidental change in our app. Please contact our support team at qbspsupport@parextech.com or from the Contact Us page in the app and our team will change the prefix.

  • What is Prefix and How to use it?

    The prefix is prepended to your order number on Shopify. It is more useful when you have multiple Shopify stores and you want to differentiate different store orders in one QuickBooks. For example, If you have order #1001 in Shopify and you have selected the ‘SPY’ prefix in our app settings then our app will sync the order as Invoice number ‘SPY_#1001 in QuickBooks.

  • What is the sync start date?

    The sync start date is the date from which your order will start to sync. You can select the auto-sync start date back to the past 2 months.

  • Will Shopify Fees automatically come through the integration, or would we need to process those separately?

    It will come through if you select the correct fees to account in the settings of our app.

  • I want to select the account for payment method but that payment method is not listed in the settings.

    When the first order associated with the payment method syncs to QuickBooks, you will see an option to select the account for that payment method on the 4th tab of our app.

  • How can I sync back-dated orders than sync start date allowed in-app settings?

    You can submit the request from the "Backdated Order Sync Request" button on the App's dashboard page. You can request the backdated order sync after you have synced at least one batch of orders.

  • If the order is voided on Shopify, will that sync to QuickBooks Online?

    Any unpaid order processed on Shopify is synced as an invoice in QuickBooks Online. If the order is later on voided in Shopify, then our app will void the invoice created for the Shopify order in QuickBooks Online. If you are syncing orders as sales receipts through our app, and if an order is voided on Shopify but is not refunded, then in such a case the sales receipt synced by our app won't be voided. However, if the order is voided and refunded, then a refund receipt will be created for the particular sales receipt in QuickBooks Online.

Product sync

  • Does the Stock sync work both ways - i.e. if we have to make an adjustment in QuickBooks to the quantities, would it change it in Shopify & vice versa?

    Our app will not add inventory to QuickBooks via Shopify. The quantity sync is only one way. The only way is for QuickBooks to Shopify. New products will sync from Shopify to QuickBooks only and quantities will sync from QuickBooks to Shopify only.

Summary Sync

  • How frequently does the summary sync happens?

    Our app runs a process twice a day to sync the summary. Once Shopify provides the payout then the summary will be synced by our app within a day. For all other payment methods than the Shopify payment method, our app will sync the summary based on the 12 AM midnight cut-off.

  • Do customers and products get created along with the summary sync invoice?

    Customer and product sync is not supported in the case of summary sync. Summary sync is helpful if your requirement is just to know daily sales and accordingly need to account for profit and loss in QuickBooks Online.

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