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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most common questions. Can't find an answer? Contact us!


  • How do I change the prefix?

    If any single order has been synced then our app will not allow you to change the prefix from your end. Please contact our support team at apps@parextech.com or from the Contact Us page in the app and our team will change the prefix.

  • I want to select the account for payment method but that payment method is not listed in the settings.

    When the first order associated with the payment method will sync to Xero, you will see an option to select the account for that payment method on the 4th tab of our app.

  • What is prefix and how to use it?

    The prefix is prepended to your order number of Shopify. It is more useful when you have multiple Shopify stores and you want to differentiate different stores orders in one Xero Organization. For example, If you have order #1001 in Shopify and you have selected the ‘SPY’ prefix in our app settings then our app will sync the order as Invoice number ‘SPY_#1001 in Xero.

  • What is sync start date?

    The sync start date is date from which your order will start to sync. You can select the auto-sync start date back to the past 2 months.

  • What is a Shopify Holding Account?

    If you are using Shopify Payments as the payment method for credit card processing, you will need this account in your Xero to manage the transactions coming in through this mode. Shopify Holding Account is a Clearing/Holding account that is used as an intermediate account to hold the funds from the sales before actually it reaches your bank account. If you are using Shopify Payments as the payment method for credit card processing, you have a choice whether to use this holding account in our app settings as an intermediate or not.

  • Does Xero Bridge understand that EU sales to consumers - before Brexit changes come into effect - are treated as UK 20% VAT on Income, not other individual EU countries' VAT?

    Yes, we provide you an option to select the Tax codes for EU countries. This is in the Tax Settings tab of our Settings.

  • Every time a new country is used for the Delivery Address, one of the integrators requires a new tax code to be set up (e.g. Italy, Canada) - even though Shopify is already set up to be 20% VAT for UK & EU, and Zero Rated for all other Countries. How does the Xero Bridge Tax code selection work?

    We already have it in the setup for all EU countries and another option for Rest of the World. None of our customers has reported this type of issue with our app.

  • Will Shopify Fees automatically come through the integration, or would we need to process those separately?

    It will come through if you select the correct fees account in the settings of our app.

Order sync

  • How can I sync backdated orders than sync start date allowed in app settings?

    You can submit the request from the "Backdated Order Sync Request" button from the App's dashboard page. You can request the backdated order sync after you have synced at least one batch of orders.

  • Why invoices in Xero are synced without tax applied?

    Our app considers the tax charged on the order in Shopify to apply the tax in the invoice in Xero. If there has been no tax charged on the order in Shopify, our app will not consider the tax so tax will not be synced to Xero. Our app will sync the tax to invoice in Xero when the tax is applied in Shopify order.

  • Can Xero Bridge sync the invoices created/updated in Xero to Shopify?

    Our app syncs the order and its updates from Shopify to Xero only. It is not possible to sync the invoices created/updated from Xero to Shopify.

  • Is my orders automatically sync to Xero Organization?

    Yes, orders will automatically sync to Xero. First, you have to sync some orders manually and check in Xero panel. Once you are satisfied with invoices created then you can Enable "Auto Sync" by clicking on account detail page.

  • Does Xero Bridge decide the tax code to be used for the integration, based on the Dellivery Address, or the Billing Address?

    The tax code is selected based on Shipping address.

  • How does Xero Bridge show there are export errors? Some other integrator only shows a list of the past few exports on each page and we have to manually click through each page looking back (e.g. for past month) to find out whether any exports had errors. Is there a way to see a list of just export errors?

    Our app shows all the errors on the "Unsynced orders" page of our app. This page will show only the orders that had any kind of error during the sync. We also have an option to resync one particular order or attempt to resync all of the unsynced ones from that page.

  • How does the Xero Bridge integration deal with Credits/Refunds?

    1. If the order is cancelled before our app syncs an order to Xero then our app does not sync that order and marks to not sync that order. 2. If the paid order is cancelled and the refund/return in Shopify had the products listed, the Credit Note will be created with all those products. It will also show the method through which the refund was processed - Shopify, PayPal, Afterpay etc. If the refund is done as a lump sum amount in any order, then it will not be synced with the individual products but will rather be synced as Refund Discrepancy. 3. If the partially paid order is cancelled and the refund/return in Shopify had the products listed, the Credit Note will be created with all those products. 4. If unpaid order is cancelled then the invoice will be voided.

  • If I make a sale or refund in Shopify will this flow back to Xero to update inventory?

    Whenever a sale or refund is done in Shopify, the quantities are reduced or increased from Xero. This is an internal feature of Xero.

  • Does your app sync draft orders created in Shopify?

    Our app does not support draft orders due to some reasons. When draft orders are confirmed in Shopify, it creates an order with a new number and hence duplicate entries get created in Xero. It also creates confusion among the customers with various reports, reconciliations matching, etc.


  • Can I use Xero Bridge for multiple Shopify stores?

    Yes, Xero Bridge app works with multiple Shopify stores linking to one Xero account. You have to install our app in each Shopify store.

  • Which plans are available for the app?

    Xero Bridge app has 3 plans. 1. Silver plan: $10/month, Includes 100 orders/month, $0.05 for additional orders over 100 orders. 2. Gold plan: $20/month, Includes 800 orders/month, $0.02 for additional orders over 800 orders. 3. Platinum plan: $30/month, Includes 2500 orders/month, $0.01 for additional orders over 2500 orders.

  • Do you provide phone support?

    We do not have phone call support for this app yet. However, we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you might have over email. Contact our support team at apps@parextech.com

  • How do I contact support team?

    You can contact our support team by sending an email to 'apps@parextech.com'


  • Why manually adjusted quantities in Xero are not synced to Shopify?

    Whenever you do the updates in Xero as adjustments, Xero does not send us a notification and hence we are not aware of the change in quantities so manually adjusted quantities in Xero are not synced to Shopify.

  • May I set different sales account for different product types?

    Yes, our app has a feature to sync the orders to respective accounts in Xero on the basis of product types assigned to the products in Shopify.

  • Can we set up more than one Sales Code for different types of sales? E.g. Website v Retail outlet v Wholesale?

    Yes, you can set up more than one sales code for this. But this will have to depend on a certain parameter on the order level. You can define this distinction based only on anyone parameter in the order. For Retail vs wholesale or any other criteria, we will have to check and see how we can differentiate the data. Many customers are already using this, but each might have a different way to separate the sales.

  • Can we set up the Payment Account to map to anything as per our preference? - e.g. a Shopify Clearing Account, or one for Card Payments & one for Paypal?

    Yes, you can map payment account for different methods. We give Shopify & Paypal within the settings. For other methods, we will have to setup from our end.

  • I'm assuming as long as the Cost Prices are set up in Shopify & we set the mapping up correctly, when there is a Sales Invoice pushed through into Xero, it will create a Cost of Sales Adjustment? Does this come through as a zero Value Purchase Invoice or as a journal entry?

    COGS entry is a part of Xero if the product is tracked for Inventory. If the product is not tracked for Inventory at the time of Invoice creation, then the COGS will not be created by Xero.

  • Does your app syncs purchase orders from Shopify?

    Our app has a feature to sync purchase orders created by the Stocky app from Shopify. This feature syncs the purchase orders created by Stocky app only because Stocky app is from Shopify.

Product sync

  • If the product or customer is updated in Xero, will it sync back to Shopify?

    Only quantities sync from Xero to Shopify ( When the "Inventory sync" feature is subscribed ). Except quantities, any other entities will sync from Shopify to Xero.

  • If a product is created in Shopify, will Xero bridge sync that product to Xero?

    Yes, our app will sync the products from Shopify to Xero. By default, our app creates the products in Xero which are part of Shopify order.

  • Does the Stock sync work both ways - i.e. if we have to make an adjustment in Xero to the quantities, would it change it in Shopify & vice versa?

    No. There is a certain way Inventory sync works. Products sync from Shopify to Xero and Quantities sync from Xero to Shopify. This is an add-on feature within the app. You will see further details during the setup of this feature.

  • How to deal with opening stock of items?

    Xero does not allow any app to enter the quantities or opening stock of the product. When the products are synced to Xero, the quantity in Xero will be 0. Quantity or opening stock will have to be entered in Xero through purchase bills or manual adjustment.

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