Does your application update inventory for the components products in an assembly?

  • Shashank Pandey

Our app will just update the stock quantity of the entire assembly and not the component products that are added as a bill of material. Even if you sell an inventory assembly (In QuickBooks directly) the sale decreases your quantity on hand of the inventory assembly itself but has no effect on the component parts of the inventory assembly.

So if your requirement is such that you also want the stock to get updated for the component products as well, i.e. when a Shopify order is synced by our app, then instead of using "Inventory Assembly" create a "Group" product in QuickBooks, and match the parent of the group product with the Shopify product based on the matching criteria selected on our app setting page. Once you sell the Shopify item that is mapped with the "Group" product in QuickBooks, then our app will sync that order listing the parent of the group as well as the component items in the group and accordingly stock for the component items will get updated in QuickBooks.


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