Causes of duplicated orders and tips to avoid them

  • Chirag Patil

Our app does not create duplicate orders. The possibilities listed in this article can be reasons for duplicated orders in Xero.

These might be reasons for duplicate orders in Xero.

1. If you have a similar app installed to sync orders from Shopify to Xero then it will cause the sales to duplicate.

2. You might have already reconciled transactions by creating from the Bank reconciliation tab in Xero before our app created the transactions.

Tip: There might be a delay of a few hours after the order is placed. We request you to wait for 1-2 days before doing the reconciliation for a particular date.

3. While doing the reconciliation, the correct match was not found and you added that as a transaction instead of searching for the right one. This is a more common cause of the duplication of sales.

Tip: Do not create the entries in Xero manually before the orders are synced by our app.

4. Sometimes bank rule is also set up in Xero which will automatically create transactions for every feed even before our app sync orders and hence this might cause duplication.

Tip: If you have a bank rule set up in Xero then you will have to disable the bank rule.

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