Error: Account code or ID must be specified

  • Chirag Patil

This error is generated from Xero side when the product associated with the order is not assigned the sales account in Xero.

Xero does not allow to sync the order when the sales account is not assigned to the product.


If have selected SKU matching criteria in our app settings, there will be 2 scenarios to assign the sales account in Xero.

1. When the product with a matching SKU from Shopify exists in Xero then our app just maps the product so the details entered for that product in Xero is used. So if a sales account is assigned to the product in Xero then that sales account will be used for that product and the sales associated with that product.

2. When the product with a matching SKU from Shopify does not exist in Xero then our app creates a new product in Xero and it uses the sales account code you have selected on 2nd tab of our app settings in 'Xero Account for Sales'. For example, if you have selected 'Sales-200' account in 'Xero Account for Sales' then the product and its sales will be assigned the 'Sales-200' account.

There are 2 possible reasons for this error.

1. When the product was created directly in Xero, the sales account was not assigned.
2. Sales account was assigned in Xero but it was later removed.

Solution: You need to assign the sales code to the product in Xero.

If there are multiple products associated with the order then need to check for which product the sales account is not assigned in Xero.

Once the sales account is assigned, you can navigate to the Order List >> Unsynced orders page in our app and click on "Re-Sync order" to sync the order.

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