Mapping county tax

  • Shashank Pandey

This feature will help you map the county tax rate applied in the Shopify order while syncing to QuickBooks. The mapping will be based on the "City Name" mentioned in the Shopify order's "Shipping Address" section. So based on the "City Name" our app will search for the tax code in QuickBooks for the city. Both "City Name" and "Tax Rate" mentioned in the Shopify order should match with QuickBooks.

For example, if a Shopify order is shipped to the city "Of Seattle" but "King County" tax is charged for 10% in the order, then in QuickBooks, the tax code must exist with the name "Seattle" or "Seattle King County" and the 10% rate specified.

We also have a feature to use an existing non-inventory part product from QuickBooks to sync as a tax line in the order. For example, if your requirement is such that you want the tax to sync to a particular line item in QuickBooks, then we can use any of your existing QuickBooks line items (I.e. Non-Inventory Part) for tax sync. It could be any item named "Sales Tax" or any other name as per your requirement. Our app will use that item for tax sync and the tax line name charged in the Shopify order will be synced to the "Description" field of the order. Please check the below screenshot.

This feature needs to be set up from the backend so please contact our support team to set up this feature for your store.

Another option is to sync each Shopify tax code as a unique line along with the order sync in QuickBooks. In this case, the Shopify tax mapping will be based on name and tax rate. For example, if in Shopify "California State Tax" 10% is charged then in QuickBooks an item with the type "Sales Tax" should be available with the identical name and tax rate (I.e. as per being mentioned in Shopify). So basically the Shopify tax and QuickBooks tax line item names should match exactly the same in order to map them correctly in order and sync them as a line item along with the order in QuickBooks.

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