Shopify product type to QuickBooks income account mapping

  • Shashank Pandey

We do have this feature that is helpful if you want to record the Shopify product revenue in a separate QuickBooks income account. On our app settings page, only one income account can be mapped and any new product synced by our app will get synced to QuickBooks using the income account mapped on our app settings page, this is the default functioning of our app. 

Mapping each Shopify product with a separate QuickBooks income account is not feasible, however, we can map the Shopify product types with the QuickBooks income account. Based on the Shopify product type and QuickBooks income account mapping done the product's revenue will be recorded in QuickBooks. However, this will only apply to the products that are newly synced by our app in QuickBooks. QuickBooks won't allow updating income accounts for any existing product. For any existing product, the revenue will be recorded as per the income account associated with the product in QuickBooks. This is QuickBooks internal functioning.

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