Why do the sync override the manual changes done in the invoice/sales receipt in QuickBooks?

  • Shashank Pandey

Some businesses do some manual changes in the orders synced by our app in QuickBooks. There are chances that our app may override these manual changes done to the invoice/sales receipt in QuickBooks. The reason is, that once the Shopify order is synced by our app to QuickBooks, then if you edit that order in QuickBooks as per your requirement, and a few days later if Shopify provides any update regarding the same order that you edited in QuickBooks, then our app will attempt a re-sync for the order which will then revert back the manual changes that you would have done to the invoice/sales receipt synced by our app in QuickBooks.

Shopify does not specify if an update provided for an order is related to what action in the order in Shopify, hence our app re-syncs the entire order along with the latest update provided for the order from Shopify.

If you do not want the order update sync to revert back to the manual changes done to the invoice/sales receipt in QuickBooks, then we can set up a feature for your store that will stop the order update sync (Except Payments, Refunds, Void). This means once a Shopify order is synced by our app then accept payments, refunds, void no other update related to the order will get synced to QuickBooks. This will make sure that the manual changes you make to the invoice/sales receipts synced to QuickBooks do not get reverted back and stay as it is.

The feature to stop order update sync needs to be enabled from the backend so you will need to reach out to our team with the confirmation to enable this feature for your store.

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