Account selection for Gift Card - Xero Bridge app

  • Chirag Patil

Our app supports Gift Cards. While doing our app settings, you have to select an account for Gift Cards on the 4th tab of our app.

Selecting Gift card liability account in Xero bridge app.

  • If you are using Gift Cards which are considered as Gift cards by Shopify system, we request you to select the right Gift Card Liability account as a part of the settings for the app.
  • If you have selected the correct Liability type of account for gift card, then any transactions which are paid through the Gift cards will decrease the Gift Card liability account. If the customer purchases a Gift card, then the Liability account increases.
  • If the customer is assigned a Gift card for any returns/credit, that should be done through a $0 order in Shopify (from Admin). If a Gift card is issued directly, the liability account will not increase because the app does not have access to that information about the gift cards.
  • Our app will not apply tax on the gift card and will sync the gift card with 0% tax.
  • If an account for gift card is not selected in our app settings then the payment of the orders paid by gift card will sync to the account selected under "Account for All Other Payment Methods".

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