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  • Chirag Patil

For payment methods other than Shopify, our app creates one summary invoice per payment method per day. The bank reconciliation becomes a bit difficult when PayPal payments are synced as summary entries because with PayPal bank feed in Xero, the transactions are received on an individual basis. Hence, one PayPal payment will have one entry in the bank feed as well as one entry for fees. If PayPal orders are synced individually then the reconciliation process will be easier.

To make the reconciliation process easier for PayPal payment method, our app has an option to sync the PayPal orders as individual invoices.

This is the hybrid model that will sync as below.

1. A summary invoice for Shopify payment method orders based on each Shopify payout received by your Shopify store.
2. PayPal orders will be synced individually when the orders are created in Shopify. In this case, products and customers will not be synced even though PayPal orders are synced individually.
3. For all other payment methods than Shopify payment method and PayPal, our app will create one summary invoice per payment method per day.

This option is useful when you are receiving multiple PayPal orders in a day.

Contact our support team at apps@parextech.com or from the Contact Us page of this site to set up the Hybrid model.

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