How data is synced with Summary sync option - Xero Bridge app

  • Chirag Patil

This article provides information on how data is synced with Summary sync option.

The synchronization process with the Summary Sync option in the Xero Bridge app involves consolidating data from your Shopify store and preparing it for transfer to Xero in a summarized format. Here are the key actions that Summary sync performs:

1. Consolidation: It gathers data from Shopify, such as orders and other relevant information, and organizes it into a structured summary.

2. Data Mapping: The sync feature maps the data elements from Shopify to their corresponding fields in Xero, ensuring accuracy and alignment between the two systems.

3. Data Transfer: Once the data is consolidated and mapped correctly, the sync initiates the transfer of the summarized information to Xero, where it populates the appropriate sections, such as invoices etc.

4. Accuracy Verification: Before finalizing the transfer, the sync process may allow you to review the summary and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the accuracy of the data being sent to Xero.

5. Automation: Depending on your settings, you will have the option to automate the syncing process, reducing manual effort and ensuring that your data stays up-to-date between Shopify and Xero.

Overall, the Summary sync in Xero Bridge app streamlines the process of transferring data between your e-commerce store and accounting software, enabling efficient and accurate management of your business operations.

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