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  • Chirag Patil

  • Our app allows syncing backdated summaries as far back as you want to go. By default our app allows you to select the auto-sync start date back to the past 2 months.
  • Once you install our app, we require you to first complete the setting of our app. These settings are important and mandatory for the app to operate correctly.
  • After that please initiate the sync of the summary invoices from the sync start date that you have selected in our app. 
  • You can start syncing the summaries from the dashboard of our app by clicking on "Fetch Data from Shopify" button.

"Fetch data from Shopify" button in Xero bridge app.

  • We request you to verify the summaries that are inserted into Xero by our app. If everything looks fine, then enable the auto sync from the dashboard of our app.
  • We shall be able to do the backdated sync only after this process is completed. You can request the backdated summary invoices by clicking on "Backdated Order Sync Request".

Backdated order sync request from Xero bridge app.

  • Backdated summary sync is a separate process that involves some more manual effort by our team. Backdated sync might also involve a small one-time fee based on the total number of orders that needs to be processed prior to the currently allowed time period.
  • When you request for "Backdated Order Sync Request" from our app's dashboard page, you can enter the Start date and End date of the orders and click on calculate charge. It will show the amount of the charge.
  • Once you submit the backdated orders request, our team will process the summaries and they will notify you by email when all backdated summaries are synced.

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